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We are the leading scrap car buyer. We buy all old model and new model scrap car and provide the best deal to you to your scrap car and pay valuable cash amount instant of the scrap car.


Used Car Buyer

We buy all old model and new model used cars and provide the best deal to you.
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Accident Car Buyer

Some Accidental cars have maintenance expenses. We buys these cars and pays instant cash to the client.
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Faulty Car Buyer

Selling your faulty car to a junkyard allows you to get rid of an vehicle, but it does not earn you much and requires organization.
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Junk Car Buyer

We buy any junk vehicle in Dubai in any type of condition, year or model. As we are one of the best scrap car buyers.
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About us

Scrap Car Buyer

If you have an old car or a damaged car you want to sell this! So you are at right place? Yes, we buy all types of Accidental Cars, Scrap Cars from UAE. Because we are one of the best scrap car buyers in UAE.

We buy all old model and new model scrap car and provide the best deal to you to your scrap car and pay valuable cash amount instant of the scrap car. If you want to sell your scrap car then follow three simple step. People think his/her old car is only junk they don’t have any market price so we provide a good price to your scrap car.

How It Works?

3 Simple Steps to Sell Your Scrap Car !



If you want to sell any used or crashed car , please call us right now!


We will buy your car more than price from others and instant paid !


We will pick your car from you place , you don't need to worried about it.
Scrap Car Buyer

Why Choose us?


Don’t let your any damaged or unwanted car sit in your garage collecting rust and losing value.


We have no hidden fees or additional costs to you, and we’ll remove your unwanted vehicle and give you cash with just one call.


Don’t risk a fine, stop accruing storage fees at the repair shop or Parking Yard and save yourself the price of towing.

Fast and Secure

No dodgy deals. We transfer the money straight into your bank account and take your junk or scrap car in no time.
Leading Scrap Car Buyers

Cash for Scrap and Junk Cars in UAE

The process of scrap car removal can be stressful and time-consuming. Especially, when you don’t know who you should be turning to and what price should you sell your car for. Scrap Car Buyer can take out all the hassle and leave you with handsome cash that should go nicely towards your next purchase.

How do we do it, if you ask? Scrap Car Buyer is a registered car wrecker. One who has been buying scrap cars of any make and model and in turn offers the best cash for junk cars as per the market trends. If you are selling your scrap car for the first time, you are quite likely to bear losses.

In such a scenario, you should be wary of the imposters out there who are waiting for an ignorant customer to make bigger profits through unfair means. This shouldn’t be the case when you head straight to Scrap Car Buyer.

We’re Leading Scrap Car Buyers -Free junk Vehicle Removal Today!

Those travelling through or living in the UAE can get their unwanted vehicle sold right now.  We are experts at removing cars in UAE promptly and conveniently.  Our appraisers can give you a quote the following ways:

    By contacting us at 055 9864310, or

    By completing our car disposal online “Sell My Car form”.

After our appraisers provide you with a quote, you can schedule a pickup time at your convenient if you are interested in our offer.

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